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Here’s a list of the various resources that have inspired me throughout my health journey. If you have the chance to check them out, I highly recommend doing so! Some are shocking, controversial and saddening, but I truly believe that ignorance is not bliss. So, whether or not you agree with the messages in these resources, I encourage you to reflect on them with an open mind.

Yes, everything has a bias. But I think it’s important to consider different opinions and ideas when choosing how to live your best life. So, look at these if you like, and do some of your own research as well. If you find anything that really inspires or interests you, send me a link or title name and I’d love to check it out!


1. The China Study (T. Colin Campbell)
If you want to learn more about the relationship between food and health, this is a great place to start! It details the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer – all based on scientific findings.

2. Vegan Freak: being vegan in a non-vegan world (Bob and Jenna Torres)
Whether you’re considering veganism or already a vegan, this book gives more than enough reasons to commit to the lifestyle. Mainly focusing on animal rights, with a few mentions of nutrition and health, it aims to inspire you in a witty and opinionated way. It also provides tips, tricks, useful resources and advice for living a happy and sane vegan life, based on some hilarious stories from the authors!

3. The Food Revolution: how your diet can help save your life and our world (John Robbins)
Raised to be the successor of world famous ice cream company Baskin-Robbins (his father’s and uncle’s business), John writes about how he came to realise the importance of health and the environment – and why society would benefit from doing the same. Similar to The China Study, he uses compelling evidence to argue the benefits of a plant-based diet, with the addition of cleverly placed comments from the food industry to make you think twice about the information we’re fed on a daily basis.

Video Clips

1. 101 Reasons to go Vegan (The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida)
This casual presentation covers animal rights and human health, giving a very convincing argument for a vegan diet. Using various statistics, appeals to common sense and a wittiness that keeps the mood light, it gets you thinking in a really positive way.
Content warning: some coarse language used!


1. Forks Over Knives
This was the first documentary I watched, and though it was a little dry at times (the monotonous voice is a bit of a downer!), I was still fascinated by the evidence presented. It really argues a strong case for a plant-based diet, particularly in regard to health.

2. Vegucated
Vegucated is a must see! It follows three people as they embrace a vegan lifestyle for six weeks, providing insight with a comedic twist. You’ll see them question and struggle with issues of food, lifestyle, health and animal rights, as well as learning about and embracing new ways of living.

3. Earthlings
If you’re into shock tactics, this is the one to watch. It is absolutely the most confronting thing I’ve seen in regard to animal rights. That said, I highly recommend it. Even if you only watch the first 30 minutes (though I suggest watching it all, if you can!), I am certain it will challenge the way you think about life.

I struggled to get through the whole thing, viewing most of it in tears, with my hands half covering my eyes. And I debated about whether or not to share it on my blog, because it is truly that graphic and horrifying. However, I eventually decided that if something so awful that I can barely manage to watch it is happening in this world, what makes it okay for people to be paying for it to continue? What makes it okay for us to turn a blind eye?
I don’t believe that it’s okay. I think that if more people can see this documentary and be inspired to make some life-changing decisions, the world might gradually become a kinder, more conscious place.

Content warning: again, some coarse language is used, and extremely graphic footage. Watch with discretion!

4. Cowspiracy
I’ve never been the sort of person to really bang on about the environment and sustainability, because I always thought – how much difference can one person make? Then I watched this, and it honestly changed my perception of so many things! I promise – if ending world hunger and saving the planet’s resources are important to you – you’ll never look at a burger the same way again. Also, the website has some great statistics and resources you can look at.


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