Sea of Lies

We’re sold untruths by a perfect facade
‘You need to fit in,
Wear a mask and they’ll love you’
Let the game begin.

Her heart aches
Heavy with the weight of words
‘You look pretty today’
Is this all she has to say?

Her message to the world is more than her appearance
Passion crying to be heard
They say the mask will set you free
She felt trapped, but now can see.

They all have something to sell
Something to gain
They don’t care about your happiness
They care less about your pain.

When you start to cry, ‘lies!’
They laugh, avert their eyes
Denial is the great escape
But they cannot run from fate.

The mask will fall
All in good time
They will find
There’s nowhere left to hide.

When perfection unravels
The shell is in plain sight
Empty, broken
The concealed truth is spoken.

What they sell is not all it implies
In this game of hide and no seek
Nobody wins
Your spark dies.

Her heart breaks
They only see the mask
‘You look pretty today’
But she is more than what they say.

‘I refuse to play this game of yours’
She throws the mask down
This girl is stronger than they think
Weighted words won’t make her sink.

Heart on fire
She walks away
Their sea of lies
Will no longer douse her flame.


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