Arbonne Skincare and Cosmetics

Finding the right foundation is always a challenge.

You have to find the right colour, the right formula for your skin type, and with makeup prices as high as they are in Australia, you don’t want to try something new only to hate it.

I’ve been wearing Revlon foundation for years – they have great colour options for women with fair skin, and the formulas are always great. But something I’ve become more aware of is animal testing within the cosmetic industry, and there’s not a lot of quality options out there that are cruelty free. Those that advertise as vegan or cruelty free are often sold in China, where brands are legally required to have their products tested on animals by a third party.

As a transitioning vegan, I’m eating all vegan food, and slowly making vegan choices in other areas of my life. So as I found myself running out of my Revlon foundation, I started looking into a vegan alternative, and found Arbonne. The all-natural and high quality brand is a dream come true.

After speaking to a consultant over Facebook, I attended an Arbonne party in my area (for free!), where I was colour matched and got to try a bunch of products. The skincare lines are to die for, and the makeup is stunning – and all the best quality. It’s a little pricey, but SO worth it.

I bought the Makeup Primer ($51) and the Perfecting Liquid Foundation in ‘Fair’ ($56).

The primer gives you a super smooth base to work with, containing ingredients such as hyaluronic filling spheres, green tea leaf extract and grape seed extract. The foundation gives the most flawless yet natural finish I’ve ever seen, with SPF 15 and a multitude of colours to choose from.

Needless to say, I’m ecstatic that I’ve found a new makeup base that I can rely on and feel truly good about!

— Daisy xx


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