Pana Chocolate Shop

Pana Chocolate. Noun.
1. A food in the form of a solid block, handmade with raw and organic ingredients; predominantly raw cacao. 2. A place, state, experience, and tangible source of supreme bliss.
Synonyms. Confectionary, dessert, heaven, joy, ecstasy, delight, cloud nine, perfection.

You get the idea! In case you missed my review of the Pana Chocolate bars, Pana is a healthy and conscious brand of chocolate that satisfies all of my sweet cravings. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that they had opened a dessert shop.

In Melbourne.

Somewhere I can actually travel to by train; only 15 minutes from my university (woo hoo!).

Walking into Pana Chocolate for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the stunning simplicity of the place. White walls and light colours give a positive vibe, and the space is small in a way that makes it feel cozy and personal. The intimate setting is reinforced by the small bench parallel to the street-facing window – with only a few bar stools, it’s a far cry from the typical over-crowded café.

As for the treats… there’s a small cabinet full of delicious chocolate creations to choose from, hot cacao with almond milk in a glass urn, and walls lined with beautiful ingredients available for purchase (to name a few). The selection in the cabinet has a few staples, but the raw cheesecakes are always changing – in case you need another reason to return!

Prices range from around $3 for the smaller truffles, up to about $8 for the cheesecakes. They’re kind of pricey for the size, but in my opinion definitely worth it for the taste and quality. All of the yummy desserts can be packed up into a little take-away box for you to enjoy later on (or on the train home, if you’re anything like me!).

They also make celebration cakes to order… you can choose from their set range, or request a new combination. Small cakes (four serves) are $29, medium cakes (8-10 serves) are $50, and large cakes (16-20 serves) are $95. Again, while this sounds expensive, I think it’s reasonable given the quality of the ingredients and cake itself.

Visit the dessert shop at 491 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121. For more mouth-watering visuals of what they have to offer, check out their Instagram page!

— Daisy xx


A Vespa Wheel (raw wagon wheel), Mango Ganache, Raw Brownie & Raw Lamington.

Mint Chocolate, Pear and Goji Ganache, Raw Snickers, Hazelnut Truffle (raw Ferrero Rocher), Vespa Wheel & Mini Cheesecake Pop.

Small cakes – Chocolate & White Choc and Raspberry.



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